Lemon Ladies Rock
by Jamis MacNiven
Proprietor, Buck's of Woodside
When Karen Morss was ten her father told her that from a career standpoint she would be better off
selling apples then being a VP at General Motors. She took her father’s advice but substituted
Meyer Lemons for the apple and a street corner for the Internet and today can be seen carrying
these lovely fruits into Robert’s and Buck’s as if they were sweet handfuls of pure sunshine.

The Meyer lemon is like no other. It is thought to be a recent hybrid between a standard lemon and a
mandarin orange. It is thin skinned and the flesh has a golden color. Unlike the Eureka, which is the
one you generally see, the Meyer lemon is more perishable and seasonal so it’s somewhat rare. The
juice is sweeter than other lemons and the skin gives off a scent that would make a strong man cry.

The Lemon Ladies are 40 trees that Karen has planted and each is named for a woman who has
inspired her. Each of the actual Ladies has painted a clay tile and these serve to identify the trees. It
is sort of like she has a staff of 40 all working with the bees, the rain, and the earth to bring forth a
harvest we can all enjoy. I have been with her in the orchard to see her true labor of love. After a
lifetime spent in the mean streets, and flying in the clouds it seems she has come home down here
on earth tending the Ladies and meeting new people every day. Like me. Thanks, Ladies.

While the harvest lasts we will be featuring a Lemon Lady dessert. See the orchard and the tiles at
LemonLadies.com Local, organic and 100% solar powered.

Did I mention she has also been a flight school owner/script writer? In her words: “My father was a
pilot and it was one of my life goals to get my license. To see the world from 2000 feet changes your
perspective forever. When I got to San Carlos Airport, I was dismayed to find the trainers (aircraft)
were all 20 years old and so was the technology they used to train. I ended up buying two brand new
airplanes, Diamond Katanas, and a flight school, while I was a student pilot. I got my license the day
after our grand opening. I had a wonderful time with the flight school introducing computers and
GPS and kids and women to the wonderful world of flight. I even set a city-to-city speed record in my
Katana, Lucy, N614P. I also married the man who gave me my license, test pilot and air racer, Dave
Morss. When I started the flight school, I set a time frame of five years. And five years to the day,
sold the school that is still thriving and in very good hands today (Diamond Aviation).

One rainy Friday afternoon, about five months before the sale, the instructors were sitting around
talking about the fact they had never seen a movie about the Wright Brothers. So I decided then and
there that was my next project. What better way to celebrate the 100-year anniversary (2003) than to
tell the story from Katherine’s perspective (their sister). She was intimately involved in the whole
project. I read 2400 pages of her letters that the Library of Congress sent me. I read everything the
brothers wrote including all their technical documentation. And then I wrote the screenplay, On
Wings of Wind. I submitted it to a screenplay contest and to my amazement won 1st place! I tried
everything to get it made but alas, 156 rejections later, I had to move on.

I was standing on my deck looking at a big empty back yard full of weeds. I thought, I adore Meyer
Lemons. I bet if I plant an orchard I could sell the lemons on the internet. And thus began the idea of
the Lemon Ladies Orchard.”