Lemon Ladies Orchard
Emerald Hills, California

    I love Meyer lemons. I still
    remember the very first time I
    tasted one. Pure bliss! They are so
    sweet you can eat them without
    puckering. The fragrance is  
    overwhelming. The skins are very
    thin and make for easy zesting.
    The juice is sweet and floral at the
    same time.

    These lemons are a cross between
    a mandarin orange and lemon and
    date back 3000 years. They were
    discovered in 1908 in China by
    Frank Meyers.

    In 2004, I decided to plant a
    orchard just for Meyer lemons and
    Lemon Ladies Orchard was born.
    Each tree is named for a woman
    who inspired me and helped me
    achieve my goals and dreams. And
    each lady painted a tile for her tree
    with her name. I think this is one of
    the reasons our lemons are so

    We use organic fertilizer, lots of
    sunshine, water and love to raise
    these beauties. Ladybugs are also
    welcome in our orchard!

    For the past three years we have
    picked the blossoms and small
    fruit so that the ladies could set
    down roots and grow strong as
    trees. 2007/8 was our first full
    harvest. Our beautiful trees
    produced over 6000 pounds of
    lemons in a season that lasted
    from September till May!

    We hope you will enjoy our lemons
    as much as we enjoy growing
Karen making a delivery to
Rebecca North, Fruit Guys!