Lemon Ladies Orchard
Emerald Hills, California
Meyer Lemon Growers Pledge

We pledge to you, our customers, that we grow our
lemons using only natural methods approved for organic
produce. We use organic fertilizer and organic pest
control methods. Our trees are non-GMO trees. We do
not use any synthetic chemical pesticides, fertilizers,
treatments or amendments. We do not wax the lemons.
We do not gas the lemons. You have my word.

Farm Name:            Lemon Ladies Orchard
Grower Name:        Karen Morss
Date:                       11.1.17

November 27, 2017



A group of women who grow Meyer Lemons has formed an association to promote naturally grown lemons. Each farm owner
has signed a pledge to grow their lemons using only methods approved by organic standards. The pledge provides their
customers with the assurance that the lemons they purchase are free from pesticides, chemicals and waxes.

The participating farms are:

Karen Morss, Lemon Ladies Orchard, Emerald Hills, CA www.lemonladies.com
Anne Camilleri, Camilleri Family Farms, Redwood City, CA www.camillerifamilyfarms.net
Janet Lomato, Lomantos Meyer Lemons, Hollister, CA www.lomantomeyerlemons.com
Jennifer Beretta, Beretta’s Lemons by the Sea, Monterey, Ca www.lemonsbythesea.com
Patti Spezzaferro, Trizia Design, Atherton, CA  triziadesign@gmail.com

For additional information, please contact the individual farms.